I have to say Undskyld!

Undskyld! to the Baarf community, Undskyld! to the customer, and Undskyld! to the hardware company who tried to fight with me. 

I fought fiercly during those three to four project weeks and missed no opportunity to voice my concern over the disk subsystem.  I was even getting famous for sevaral times saying: "this is the last time I talk about RAID5".  But Undskyld! to this customer (who is not known for producing English Tape) for not speaking and shouting louder.  I should have done more to prevent the problems you are certain to run into after going production.  Undskyld! to Rich who was so much with me in my Battle Against Any Raid Five.  But in particular Undskyld! to the Baarf community for having failed.



Bjørn Engsig